So, you are planning a charity auction event. Congratulations, you have made a great fundraising choice. But how do you get your staff or volunteers motivated to contribute 100% to the event? Try a little friendly competition.

It can be a stressful task to try to get that ideas for silent auction perfect look for your silent auction tables or to get the volunteers really involved in encouraging guests to bid a few more times.  Creating competition among the staff and volunteers might give your benefit auction a strong boost. Here are some ideas.

Silent Auction Team Contests :

Most Attractive Silent Auction Table

Have teams assigned to design each silent auction table. Whichever table displays the best receives a prize and or certificate.

Highest Revenue Silent Auction Table

Again, have the team assigned to their specific table as a floor crew. Whichever silent auction table or group earns the most money, or the most money beyond the value of their items, wins a prize or certificate.

Individual Contests :

Acquisition of Donated Items

Volunteers could compete to acquire the most donated items (meeting required standards of best items for charity auctions, of course). They could also compete to see who acquires the highest total value of donated items.

Raffle Ticket Sales

Volunteers who are members of the floor staff can compete for who sells the most raffle tickets as they walk around the event.

These ideas will help encourage fun, salesmanship, and a bit of competitiveness among your staff and at the same time increase the revenues from your charity auction.  Who knows, maybe it will even become an annual competition and someone will attempt to beat last year’s champions and your event will benefit even more from the results!


Charity Auctions – Energizing Your Staff With Competitions